Some new, grey colour variants of printable graph paper, grids and rulers have been added to the list.

Our SMD marking codes database has been updated. It contains now 2007 marking code records.

Our microcontroller manufacturers list has been updated.

We enjoy a lot using free and open-source software from basic to advanced professional needs. You might also find something useful in our preferred free and open-source software (FOSS) list.

Command-line interface (CLI) basics is a new article on our website. A CLI may look outdated, but it is actually a very powerful tool for doing work with computers. Sometimes, it is even the only option available for running certain programs.

Some new SMD marking codes have been added to our database; it now has 1166 marking code records.

You can download mandoc binaries for Windows. These binaries would allow you to format and view man pages in Windows or MinGW/MSYS.

Our SMD marking codes database has been upgraded: it now contains functional drawings of some popular electronic components and a total of 1020 marking code records.

An initial version of C programming tutorial is now available.

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